PR comments on initially-hidden lines are hidden

Issue #5196 resolved
Ben Buchanan
created an issue

If you comment on an initially-hidden line, it is hidden from view on subsequent page loads; even if you arrive via the deep link. So, basically, you're wasting your time.

Also annoying is you cna't reveal the whole file in one click, in the initial case I have to click expand three times in a row to get to the comment.

Steps to reproduce: 1. open a Pull Request with a long file 2. expand an area of the file that wasn't edited 3. comment on a line in the initally-hidden area 4. copy the deep link 5. open a new window to that deep link - comment is not revealed (screenshot 1) 6. scroll down the relevant file - comment still not revealed (screenshot 2) 7. expand the file until you find the comment (screenshot 3)

Page where I identified the problem:

The deep link is

The comment is in auiplugin-tests/src/main/resources/atlassian-plugin.xml

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