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Orestes Carracedo created an issue

Hello there! My name's Orestes, i'm a software developer at a company named Focus On Emotions based in Barcelona. We've been tinkering with git for a while and we love the way Bitbucket manages the teams, users and repos. We find the repo history graph really well thought.

We've started a new private repo for one of our apps named nds, and we've been playing around with branches, merges, etc.

However, we're confused with some things.

If we take a look at the repo changeset list we see that some commits have a tag indicating the branch were they were made. Clicking on the tag takes you to an url showing the changeset of the branch.

We have a branch named ppt, and we can take a look at the branche's changeset list but there's no tag on the displayed commits. Furthermore, when reviewing the details of one of the commits, 1b61c57, it shows as being on the master branch, when it isn't.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This is by design. We show you the list of commits from the context of the page you are own. If you are looking at the main commits list, you won't see a default branch tag. If you are looking at a branch, we won't show you that branches name on any of the commits.

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