Forking takes too many steps

Issue #523 resolved
Benjamin Pollack
created an issue

It seems to me as if it'd be fine to have "fork" automatically assume I wanted to name the repository the same way, fill that in, and then have the focus on the "Create fork" button. Or, even better: create the fork with sane defaults, then take me to the admin page. A user coming from github made this complaint, and it seems legitimate to me. Hell, to be honest, something similar to the above might be better for making a repository, too; that's an awful lot of settings to give a user trying to just create a repo.

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  1. Benjamin Pollack reporter
    [11:16am] bmp: jespern: Just have eiriks make the form be hidden except for name (prepopulated), and put the rest in a disclosure triangle
    [11:16am] bmp: That'd make forking a lot less confusing
    [11:16am] bmp: Ditto for repo creation
    [11:16am] jespern: eiriks: boing, do what bmp says
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