show absolute date of changeset (BB-674)

Issue #524 resolved
Pavel Sutyrin
created an issue

Af far as I could see, there is no way to see absolute date of changeset or another event, only relative (i.e. "N hours ago"). This is nice, but sometimes I need exact date to use it elsewhere. So:

It is nice to be able to see absolute dates as well as relative. Maybe, it should be a profile option (display absolute dates or relative or both, selectable for everywhere or section-wise)

While splitting "Recent activity" to "Today", "Yesterday", etc, what criterion do you use?.. If it's just a 24-hour delta before current moment, then it may be nice to split days at midnights of user's -local time. This may be an option of user his profile too. Thus member of even a timezone-spread project may orient himself in time in a habutual way.


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  1. Marian Sigler
    • changed component to ui

    What's with this? It's a real pain imho so I'd be very glad if you could fix this as soon as possible :)

    IMHO, it would be enough (for the time being at least) if there were just a title attribute with the absolute date.

  2. David Chambers

    Absolute dates and times are now included as title text for individual commits and on the commit history screen. As with (just about) all dates and times on the site, these are localized based on the time reported by the user's browser (via jQuery.localize).

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