Inviting a user while inviting a user

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Jon Lim
created an issue

Hi Bitbucket team!

I was inviting a friend of mine to a private repo (jonlim/match-3 if you're curious) and I, being rude and impatient, invited him while waiting on him accepting my invite to Bitbucket in general.

To reproduce:

  1. Invite friend to Bitbucket (for up to 3 extra users!)
  2. Invite friend to repo
  3. Friend accepts invite from step 1, doesn't see anything about repo
  4. Can't re-invite friend to repo because friend already invited

Comments (4)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Your friend should have received two completely different emails regardless of either case. This person should have two invites and two emails. We recently added the ability to revoke and resend invites, so you should be able to re-send it if he didn't see the second invite.

  2. Jon Lim reporter

    Marcus, apologies but I didn't mention it in the original post: I was sitting next to said friend and we both confirmed that he only received a single email with one invite - to Bitbucket.

    Nothing else.

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