Issue #5269 resolved

Searching for owner/reponame does not always return the result (BB-6519)

Slawomir Ginter
created an issue

I am looking for the repo ssh://

I am putting "atlassian/jira-issue-collector-plugin" into all possible search boxes and nothing happens.

It only sees it by name (atlassian/JIRA Issue Collector Plugin) - but as a person who hasn't developed it for a while, how would I remember it???

Guys, I understand the "use friendly names" concept, but please don't cripple the most important functionality to achieve that (find on BitBucket what I have in my hg repository)

My first impression was - some %$@%$ has removed my repository without telling me.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    The search was not taking into account the repo slug.

    It now is and the the data has been updated to reflect it.

    Your search will not return the result you expect.

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