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Issue #5269 resolved

Searching for owner/reponame does not always return the result (BB-6519)

Slawomir Ginter
created an issue

I am looking for the repo ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/atlassian/jira-issue-collector-plugin

I am putting "atlassian/jira-issue-collector-plugin" into all possible search boxes and nothing happens.

It only sees it by name (atlassian/JIRA Issue Collector Plugin) - but as a person who hasn't developed it for a while, how would I remember it???

Guys, I understand the "use friendly names" concept, but please don't cripple the most important functionality to achieve that (find on BitBucket what I have in my hg repository)

My first impression was - some %$@%$ has removed my repository without telling me.

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