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Issue #5291 resolved

Custom domain creates an "unconfirmed email address" warning message that never disappears

created an issue

I have a custom domain setup.

When I visit http://git.airjs.com/ I see a yellow warning message "https://bitbucket.org/ This account has an unconfirmed email address. If you haven't received a confirmation, visit the email page to resend it."

When I click the "visit the email page" link, I go to this URL http://git.airjs.com/account/user/jeffairjs/email/ which is a 404 page.

Now, when I visit https://bitbucket.org/airjs, I don't see the yellow warning message at all.

There is something inconsistent between these two domains and unfortunately on the custom domain, I am not able to remove that annoying yellow error message...which is what I'd like to do.


Comments (1)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    The CNAME/custom domain issue should be resolved now. As for your unconfirmed email, this shouldn't even be related. Check all of your accounts and teams to ensure you have a validated email for them.

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