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Issue #5301 invalid

pull requests are broken

Lance Corrimal
created an issue

I have a repository X, and a fork of it called X-beta. I'm trying to create a pull request from X-beta into X, but the "merge" button is disabled in the resulting PR, and there's an error that says that "some or all changesets in this pull request have been removed".

see https://bitbucket.org/LanceCorrimal/dolphinviewer3/pull-request/2/trying-to-pull-into-release

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Lance,

    I think we will need a few more details from you and we will need to look at your specific repos to see why this is happening.

    Can you please email support@bitbucket.org with more details? We are more responsive through that channel and it is easier to send private details there.



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