Unable to confirm email adress: estjo@statoil.com

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I have changed which email address was tied to my team account vs. my committing account. So after initially connecting team "sisproject" to "estjo@statoil.com" and having no email on my user (not email): "estjo@statoil.com" I went to my team profile and added espen@tjonneland.no as a new email, confirmed it and then set it to primary and deleted the estjo@statoil.com from the team email.

After that I added estjo@statoil.com as contact email on my account estjo@statoil.com. Now I am unable to confirm it as it gives me: "We were unable to confirm the email address. The validation email may have expired." every time I try and resend a confirmation email.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Espen,

    I deleted your comment as it contained the link with your token, that link would allow anyone to confirm your email, its not a good idea to hand that out.

    I believe if you add a trailing / to the URL it will work for you.

    If you are still having problems can you please contact support@bitbucket.org? We can handle the issue there.



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