Pull requests can't be merged if they are too large (BB-6522)

Issue #5327 resolved
Brian Nguyen
created an issue

If you have a pull request that is very large, the pr is placed in a state where it cannot be merged, displaying the message:

It seems that some or all of the commits that make up this pull request have been removed.

If the pull request is too large it should still be possible to merge it.

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  1. Adam Marshall

    Similar issue for consideration:

    I just had a gigantic pr to merge (had installed several new extensive libraries in a branch, 468 file changes, many large new files).

    Upon hitting merge, my CPU got nailed (js?) and the dialog form that appeared was scrambled. (multiple newline characters and borked inputs).

    Retried a few times, and finally got a proper form, and it merged successfully.

    FYI - I'm still learning git and think I've decided never to merge giant libraries like that again!

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