Change repository ownership through the REST API (BB-6671)

Issue #5333 open
Kristof Coomans
created an issue

As far as I can see it is currently not possible to specify and/or change repository ownership through the REST API. Repositories you create through the REST API always end up in your own account.

It can be done through the GUI already (issue #4127), but obviously that is cumbersome and each sys admin wants to have that more automated when you need to set up several repositories each month in a middle-sized/big company.

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  1. Johannes Schwartz

    +1 Usecase: forking a repository through the rest api, adds ownership to the currently authenticated user. Being able to transfer ownership to teams would be tremendously helpful.

  2. Serge Dukic

    While (unlike @Mirko Pluhar) I don't believe in Santa Claus 🎅, I do agree that this feature is way overdue. With the recent software achitecture trend towards "microservices", we end up with 10 repositories where there previously would have been 1.

    Migrating each of these "by hand" is a recipe for RSI and is begging to be automated.

  3. Brian Lee

    This feature really needs to be seriously considered. Managing multiple teams and repositories through GUI works, but via the API would be ideal. It's the one missing component to our integration.

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