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Issue #5370 resolved

More explicit wording in adding an existing repository for new users (BB-6563)

Edward Stronge
created an issue


I'm a new Mercurial user hoping to use your (great!) service to collaborate with colleagues. I began a mercurial repo on my machine and hoped to sync it with your online service using the very clearly-written wizard (specifically, the "Import an existing repository" link).

The whole process went very well but I was unable to determine how to BitBucket my default repository. While your site clearly recommends editing my $REPO/.hg/hgrc file to make BitBucket the default repo, it does not mention the exact changes I would need to make to this file. I would (humbly) suggest adding the text of this edit (added below) to your "Import an existing repository" page.

[paths] default = https://user@bitbucket.org/user/repo_name

Many many thanks, Edward

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