Add warning on site that we no longer support IE6

Issue #538 wontfix
Eirik Stavem created an issue

If user is on IE6, of course..

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  1. Unknown user cacf9

    Actually, the english version I translated is this one on (see attached file). Though we should provide an english link instead of the one currently on (points to

    How does people feel about this? I suggest we only place it on the front page, not on subpages. We don't want a nag screen, just a kind info imo.

  2. Eirik Stavem reporter
    • changed status to open

    I agree that it shouldn't be on all pages, perhaps only on the promo-page when not logged in, and on the user's frontpage when logged in.

  3. Unknown user 51e1e

    Good, except "Servicemessage" isn't a word. You probably want "Notice" or "Warning" instead.

  4. Unknown user 6aed3

    Agreed with Chris, "Servicemessage" is a silly literal translation from danish that doesn't make sense at all.

    Either remove the word completely, or go with his suggestions. Then, put it on the promo page, even though I know it won't actually be shown anywhere else, we don't want to waste the extra couple of hundred bytes on every page load.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    I agree on the translation. It won't make any sense to put it on subpages since IE6 users can't use BB properly as it is.

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