New email messages about new issues don't have a link to the actual issue

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The new email messages reporting a New Issue have a very short link that unfortunately does not actually point to the actual issue. The former method was far superior, because people could copy links from the emails, often many of them, into one message they'd forward to somebody else. Now they don't actually have in the email messages a useful direct link.

Here's an example of a new email message I received. It includes the short link The link it should include is the full link to the new issue:

From: rhayesroth
Date: November 17, 2012 12:24:06 PM PST
Subject: [sealed/truthmarket] Need a simple way to allow users to embed our posters and campaign pages (issue #268)

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New issue 268: Need a simple way to allow users to embed our posters and campaign pages


The attached file describes a desire to allow users/viewers to embed our posters and a simplified, smaller version of the campaign detail page. First we want to have that code, and a demonstration of how a user employs it to embed the poster and/or the campaign page into their own website.

After we have that, we'll want to consider some design options for adding that type of embedding option with a button on the posters and campaign pages. I don't have good ideas about that latter issue. Am open to suggestions.

The demonstration of how to do it should be in a simple document we can give to partners so they can understand how to do it simply for their own sites.


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