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Issue #5404 resolved

private repos: select "no public forks" by default? (BB-1942)

Liam Staskawicz
created an issue

I've recently been setting up several private repos for my team, most of the private.

After selecting that the repo should be private, I was surprised to see the "don't allow public forks" checkbox deselected by default - I would expect private repos to default to staying private, not becoming public through a fork.

Any chance this could be updated for private repos?

Comments (8)

  1. David Alger

    Thanks for fixing this. I had seen this when setting up an account recently, and was just coming here to report the issue, but then found this saying it was fixed (and it is per my testing). :)

  2. Nils Dunso

    Could still be a problem! I imported several repos from Github and checked the Private box, but the "Don't allow public forks" checkbox was deselected for all of them in Settings. I don't know much about this so excuse me if I'm missing something =)

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