"+0" and "-0" at Commit statistics

Issue #5405 wontfix
Jaime Olivares
created an issue

At the bitbucket website, when I choose the Commits pages and press on an specific commit ID, I can see a summary of the added and removed lines. When there are not added lines it shows "+0" and when thre are not removed lines it shows "-0", which is clearly incorrect because zero is unsigned. It seems like a typical case of programming lazyness :) It should be at least "0", but I think it would be even more useful to show nothing.

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    Our reasoning behind prefixing these numbers with signed symbols, wasn't so much to be mathematically correct, but rather to denote that the numbers following the sign meant "added" and "removed", and since there are no lines added or removed, it thus ends up being +0/-0. The colors alone are not enough to indicate added/removed, IMHO.

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