Repo description and website underused (BB-6585)

Issue #5407 wontfix
Robert Mandelson created an issue

The repo settings include fields for description and a website URL. The description is only shown on the overview page if there's no readme, and the url doesn't seem to be used anywhere at all.

The description should really be in the header (where it was before the facebook redesign), ditto for the website link. The description should also feature in the repo list.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi L33t,

    We have made some very conscious choices about what we show where.

    The description is actually shown in the search list view and the URL is shown in the meta-info sidebar on the overview page.

    As you mention, if there is no readme then the description will be shown in its place.

    We are going to stick with how we are displaying it now.



  2. S. Heimberg

    I would like to see the description on the overview page on some repos containing a README file. When I create a fork, its purpose is often more interesting, not the general information from README. Could this be configurable, please?

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