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Issue #5416 closed

Commenting not possible on commits with big diffs (BB-6589)

Vignir Isberg
created an issue

There is a commit containing a large number of files in one of my repos, generating the message: "Omitted 1651 more files (this diff is too big to display) ".

When I try to write a comment on this commit (To ask the dev why the commit is so huge :), no submit button shows up like it does for other (smaller) commits.

Comments (6)

  1. Patrick Kaeding

    I am working on better handling to load the file diffs after the fact, if the whole diff was too large to load on page load. The comments do work properly in this branch, so this issue should be resolved soon.

  2. Patrick Kaeding

    Vignir Jónsson, Could you point me to a commit like this that doesn't allow any comments? In the test cases that I can think of that trigger the 'too big to display' message, I am still able to add general comments and comments on the files that do load.

    The other work I mentioned in my comment above is stil ongoing, so if it is possible to fix this quickly now, before the other stuff goes live, that would be cool.

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