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Issue #5430 duplicate

Error 500 accessing my dotfiles repo

Aldo Borrero
created an issue

I have some problems accessing my dotfiles repo. I receive a 500 error.

It gives me this hash: 7d8574323d934ebeb5776701d8320e86$e589b9d5d4e425ecaedad2a68717f5d8

What is wrong? Did I corrupt my repo or something like that?

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Aldo,

    Thanks for providing the error code.

    Looks like Hg is reporting:

    Abort: invalid subrepository revision specifier in .hgsubstate

    Did you push up some strange sub repo reference?

    If you are still having trouble please contact us at support@bitbucket.org and we will help you out.



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