Feature request: JavaDoc implementation (BB-6689)

Issue #5441 wontfix
Hendrik Meyer
created an issue


i just started working out a (soon to be) big java application and it shot through my mind: Why not integrade the JavaDoc into BitBucket. The idea is there, but the feature not :( Is is possible for you to implement this? That'd be awesome :D


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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Hendrik,

    There are many languages hosted on Bitbucket.

    We have decided not to go down the road of adding language specific features on top of your repo. We are concentrating on value add on top of DVCS itself.



  2. Rob Williams

    Seems kind of silly. Documentation is not language specific. If you merely provided a hook, that could be filled by either running a maven target (like javadoc) or triggering a tool like AsciiDoc, that would be enough, right? I know there is something like GitHub's pages here now. Have not explored that, but would be really cool if you just had a way to also provide some hook for populating part of that site with a standard documentation format generated by a job.

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