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Issue #5447 invalid

Some one else's recent activity on repository

xenomuta NA
created an issue

Hi. I am looking at random commits from other people's and repositories in my recent activity.

Have a look at this screenshots

Comments (4)

  1. xenomuta NA reporter

    Please, don't set this to invalid. If you double-check my account you will see that I don't even know this guys and that the commits have ALWAYS been done by me in this repo.

    I don't even know those guys and the commit messages don't match my repo's commit mesages.

  2. xenomuta NA reporter

    (Reply via xeno...@gmail.com):

    I'm sorry, but this IS a bug. I don't even know this guys.

    Please, look deeper into this, because, If you do your homework and check my account you will see that I haven't add this guys to my repository.

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    On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Marcus Bertrand <issues-reply@bitbucket.org


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