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Suriya Subramanian created an issue

Optimize the loading of tags. Maybe the page could use AJAX or have an option to completely disable the loading of tags.

I maintain a Hg mirror of an SVN trunk with over 15000 revisions. All revisions are tagged svn.xxxxx. I found that in all pages of this project http://bitbucket.org/suriya/jikesrvm, each HTML page is about 14000 lines long and more than 99% of these lines are to list all the tags. This wastes server compute resources and bandwidth.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
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    Ugh. Well at least now we know we can handle a lot of tags ;-)

    Having an option to disable loading of tags is a bit odd, as I don't see much use for it otherwise. Loading via AJAX is also a bit of a pain.

    How about we just load the first, say, 25?

  2. Eirik Stavem

    Would make sense to load the first 25, with a link to load the rest using AJAX? We need to display them within a scrollable box too, the current dropdown is just silly with > 30 tags :P

  3. Suriya Subramanian reporter

    Loading only a few tags sounds reasonable.

    Or maybe not load any tag that matches svn\.\d+ People won't rely on these tag names in the browser interface if they were generated by hgsvn. They will want it if they created these tag names manually. I don't know what the common case is.

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