Issue #546 resolved
Marcus Lindblom Sonestedt created an issue

It would be nice to have small downloads, images, etc as attached files to wiki pages, with images being inline as an attachment.

This is standard wiki stuff, so I'm sure you'll get there eventually. :)

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  1. TK Soh

    It can be rather clumsy to have to clone, add, commit and push. I really like to see a way upload the images directly via the wiki pages.

  2. Michael Bevin

    I would love some such feature too ... even if the user goes through the hassle of clone+add+push, they also then still have to work out the correct way to somehow link to that file .... sure, I guess its somehow possible, but I'd also love a simpler way ...

  3. Yuri Doubov

    Why was this marked as "wontfix" and then "resolved", when clearly the issue is still present? It's a great suggestion and I'd like to see something like this implemented as well.

  4. Iwan Zarembo

    I was only able to use attachments via GIt. It works the following way:
    1. Add the attachment to the *.md file or use a sub folder if you have more than one attachment.
    2. Then I am using the mark down syntax to put the attachment to the page.

    [attachment text](your_subfolder/ 

    It is the same with images. There the mark down syntax is the same as the one above, just with a exclamation mark:

    ![Alt Text of the image](your_subfolder/your_image.png)

    I did not see a possibility to use attachments or images via the web interface.

  5. paratext NA

    An easier way would be nice. Some of my wiki pages have question marks in the titles, which means the corresponding file names have question marks. So when I try to clone the wiki repo on Windows, it fails!

  6. HB

    Just that you know, in my school we use Bitbucket wiki for projects. When it's delivery time you have ~300 guys using site ripping tools to download the wiki to an offline webpage thing. The images always have trouble downloading, so you have in one night 100-300 guys with up to 1GB of data ripped from HTTrack.
    Being able to directly upload and link images as files in directories would be great for us, since we could just clone the wiki and get a working copy of it.

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