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Issue #5463 wontfix

Display username of currently logged in user (BB-6720)

Dusan Hornik
created an issue

I want to know what is the currently logged in user: http://screencast.com/t/Q2ULOXjt


Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hey Dusan,

    How's things man?

    I am afraid the Atlassian design guidelines make it so we do not show the username in the header. However if you hover over your avatar you will see the username in a tooltip.



  2. Dusan Hornik reporter

    Hi Dylan,

    I am good thanks, how about you? :)

    I am not saying the username has to be displayed in a header, but there should be some accessible way to find out the currently logged in user.

    Thanks for the tooltip idea, that definitely helps. But I am not sure if that's intuitive enough. I'll try to find and ping someone responsible for Atlassian design guidelines to see their opinion.

    Cheers Dusan

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