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Issue #5467 duplicate

Allow links to "most recent" version of a file

Lukas Knuth
created an issue

At the moment, when linking to a file in a repo, the link always looks like this:


The problem here is, that we always need to include the revision and therefor can't link to "the most recent version" of a file.

This would be helpful for example in the README-file, where we'd like to link an image from the repo.

Also, when linking a file from a documentation, this file might contain a list of mapped keyboard-shortcuts, which will get updated as the application is developed. Always changing the link in the documentation is error prone and it sucks.

Proposal: Allow links of the following style (simply without the revision part):


This will then check the latest commit that changed the desired file and show this version (maybe an automatic forward to the full link with the revision?).

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