Custom fields for issues (BB-6719)

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Felix Collins created an issue

The ability to add custom fields (and filter on them) would be very useful.

For example we currently need field to record what project stage/sprint the ticket will be addressed in.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Felix,

    We have taken the approach that the issue tracker will remain simple.

    If you require custom fields then I would recommend an issue tracker solution like JIRA.



  2. Mark Stein

    My opinion the custom fields are not violating the policy of simplicity, and very helpful for tracking.

  3. Dane Guempel

    I think this could be added and still be simple. I was just hoping to capture which issues were tiny so when I had a free few min to work on a project I could quickly see which issue would be good to pick off.

  4. Mubin Ahmed

    I would like to see this feature as well, otherwise the issue tracker doesn't serve most of its purpose.

  5. Arman Bimatov

    It would really useful. For example, I would like to create fields like Estimate Time for an issue and Actual Time for issue completion - both are essential for my projects. Right now, I have to put in a separate spreadsheet - this is really inconvenient.

  6. Julien Bessede

    I vote for extra fields too !! Our team would really need a <status> field to show things like :

    • New
    • Working
    • Testing
    • Failed
    • Passed
    • Complete

    We're currently using the milestone field to do this job, hence scarifying a useful field for the purpose of another one more useful to us :(

    Current options are too limited and Jira is an overkill for what we need really ( I'm not saying by that that Jira is a bad product :) )

  7. Adam Faszl

    The simplest way to do this is just to allow tagging issues (i.e. add a field "Tags" which can have more than one attribute, with available tags created in settings like milestones and components). Super simple and almost essential for any project that isn't completely trivial. Even allowing issues to have more than one component would work.

  8. Daniel De La Torre

    I would have to agree with everyone else, adding this feature will not complicate things.

  9. Appan Ponnappan

    I also wanted a component custom field but one work-around is to add the component name in title of the issue & use HTML filter with the Creole issues macro like the following:

    <<issues ?status=new&title=%7Ecomponent+name list>>

  10. Brian King

    I'd happily host Jira somewhere, however, I do not have a server that runs Tomcat and subsequently am stuck with Bitbucket. 😦

  11. Sotiris Spyrou

    Such a shame. This would ENHANCE simplicity and usability so much. E.G. being able to add 'estimated time needed' would be priceless. I'd give this 2 votes.

  12. Gaurav Chavda

    Atlassian won't do this as it impacts the business, as this will reduce usage of Jira. To glow market of Jira they want user who want to use customization to shit to Jira which is generating more revenue.

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