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Issue #5503 duplicate

Might want to unify the messaging/notifications system terminology

Laura Kolker
created an issue

Just had a really frustrating experience, so thought I'd pass along some thoughts on the subject in case they're useful to you.

So, a user messaged me directly with a question. I received a notification as an email. The only link in the email was listed as having a purpose of disabling notifications, so I didn't want to click it. I started a reply-to, but the email was of the "no-reply" variety, so figured that was the wrong way to go.

I browsed to the relevant bitbucket repos, but the activity didn't list anything like the notification i had received. I clicked on the dropdown in the upper right corner, nothing about notifications. Click my profile, nothing involving notifications.

I finally gave up trying to reply to the notification and looked up the user directly and saw a send message button. So, I message him. As soon as I messaged them I'm redirected to the "Messages" area which lists his original message that I received a notification about. I look at the URL and realize it matches the "disabling" link from the email. sigh. So, then I'm like there must be some way to get to this Messages area directly. I poke around. And eventually after scanning for it half a dozen times I realize it's supposed to be the same as Inbox.

So, the email notification says nothing about Inbox or Messages. The Messages screen says nothing about Inbox, and none of the links in Bitbucket seem to point to Notifications or Messages.

Now that I know these are the same things I'll be ok, but would have been great if they used the same word.

Cheers, Laura

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