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Issue #551 wontfix
Damien Lebrun
created an issue

Push on a fork should be able to automatically update a ticket on the issue tracker of the main repository.

Obviously, they should not change its state but just add a comment with the commit message and a link to the commit.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
    • changed status to open

    Fair enough. What about conflicting issue IDs then?

    Say my fork has its own issue tracker, and they're different from its parent. I then do a commit a la "blabla, fixes #2". Now, what should that do? Mark #2 on its own tracker resolved, and also put a note on its parents tracker on a ticket that might be entirely unrelated?

  2. Damien Lebrun reporter

    It already difficult for a fork to have its own issue tracker. The messages from commits that the fork pulled from other repositories reference issues from the main issue tracker. It could work if the issue tracker were distributed (but who wants to fix "issue #7efg426"?) or if the issue references could have name-space like "Fixed #2 [main#551]".

    But its probably simpler to have two issue services; one to hook your commit to your own issue tracker and one to hook them to main issue tracker. The fork admin would have to pick one or the other.

    An other difficulty is when fork-1 fix an issue and then fork-2 pull the fix from fork-1. The issue tracker have to remember that the commit have already updated the issue.

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