Commenting on large Pull Request is very slow

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Alexej Kubarev
created an issue

When performing review of a pull request we are often using commenting feature. The problem is that line comments getting slower and slower the bigger PR gets.

It ends up with us typing a few comments and then waiting for the text to slowly show up.. This has never been an issue in i.e GitHub that has similar feature. Is the comment section trying to perform something smart during the typing?

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  1. Alexej Kubarev reporter

    Changing priority to Critical as this makes Pull Requests unusuable for all of our projects... all pull requests are often big, with review iterations.. Something is terribly wrong.

    After looking at JS profiling it seems a huge amount of events are bing dispatched on every single action... Mouse movement, key presses, etc.

    Chrome is slightly better than Safari on large pull request commenting but not by far.

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