Would like to clone over SSH anonymously for public repos (BB-6718)

Issue #5515 wontfix
Jacek Bzdak created an issue

It would be great if I could anonymously (that is without having my public key on current machine) pull public repositories via SSH.

Problem is as follows:

  1. I have a private repo that uses git submodules to pull bunch of my repositories (that are mostly public).
  2. Since I use git submodules I need to have the same ssh urls both on my developement machine and my deployment machnie. Example of such url is: git@bitbucket.org:jbzdak/django-mailhide.git
  3. For my non-public repositories I use deployment keys and everything works OK.
  4. But since I have a lot of sub repositories it would be nice if my public repositores would work without the need uploading deployment keys to them.
  5. Since my repository paths are fixed I can't switch to HTTPS, it would really be nice if cloning remote repostiories via ssh would work.

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