RSS link get obsolete for private projects

Issue #5524 duplicate
Manuel Sanchez
created an issue

I think is the same problem reported here: []

My scenario and the test: I'm following 10 projects from a Team user. 9 of them have the same token id.

I commit on one of them. All projects changed theirs token ids.

So it's impossible to follow these projects using an external feed reader.

Te one i committed to: After commit:

The other 8 projects, before (2 examples):

After the commit:

Opps! NO!!!, i refresh again the page an now the valid token is id for all projects: 3ef3d7beec538169a86114fa0fe1c67c

I don't know what's going on here! Hope you can track this token id!

I like this feature because allow us to follow what we change easyly. Please, take a look at this and fix it.

Thank you