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Issue #5532 resolved

Recreation of repositories not possible

Kim Neunert
created an issue

Hi support,

i'm one of the administrators of two paying accounts of the Company "hybris": user "hybris" and user "hybrismanagedservices".

Recently i wanted to get rid of a large binary in the repo and so i deleted "hybris/puppet-zookeeper" in order to recreate it again. AFAIK i've done recreation in the past sucessfully. But this time i couldn't recreate it. So i created one in my own space and tried to tranfer it but this didn't help either.

I attached a screenshot which might provide some more context.

Can you help here?

I appologize for the priority but this is at least critical for us. The repository is highly used in "hybris/puppet-modules" and "hybris/devop-vagrants" as submodules and fiddling around with nested submodules on mercurial is expecially no fun, if repos get deleted and recreated (but it's better than cloning large binaries for the next years ;-) )


Kim Neunert

Comments (5)

  1. Jesper Noehr

    For the time being, can you rename the repository before attempting to transfer it? Currently we won't let you accept the transfer, since you already have a repository by the same name. You can either rename the one you already own, and accept the transfer, or rename the other one before re-transfering.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    It looks like we failed to delete the repo entirely and it left some orphaned data. I've deleted it completely now and you should be all set. For faster resolution of issues like this, please feel free to contact support directly at support.atlassian.com. We monitor support more frequently than this bug tracker.

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