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Issue #5537 wontfix

Team members' repository access rights not applied to transferred repositories

Dave Kaminski
created an issue


  • User A has an existing repo R in their personal account and creates a team account
  • User A adds User B to the Developers group for the team, with read/write perms
  • User A transfers repo R from personal account to team account


  • User B has no access to repo R, cannot even see it listed under team's repos


  • User A goes to team groups page
  • User A sets Developers group's permissions to "no access"
  • User A sets Developers group's permissions back to read/write

Comments (3)

  1. Dave Kaminski reporter

    Fair enough.

    However, the page to accept/reject the incoming transfer [1] says nothing about the access rights of the repo (potentially) needing to be adjusted to match the settings of the account's groups.

    In addition, the access rights for groups [2] state that a group will have "{read,write,etc} access to this account's repositories." This is an incorrect statement considering that individual repositories under an account can have custom access rights granted. When is the statement actually correct? Only for newly created repos in that account?

    Transferring repositories is a useful feature, but it seems that the access-rights aspects of the feature and access-rights in general need some polishing. [3]

    Thanks. Bitbucket is fantastic otherwise..

    [1] https://bitbucket.org/<username>/<repo>/admin/transfer/<hash>;

    [2] https://bitbucket.org/account/user/<username>/groups/

    [3] see 5265, 5478, 3104

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