seeing a commit in which they are deleted history after a forced push leads to a web user interface error

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Thomas D. created an issue

I may have done something silly with git. I removed files from the repository, erasing their history, with such command: git filter-branch --tree-filter 'rm file' HEAD. Then, after committing, when pushing the results, there was conflicts because it says that i haven't got the newest state of my branch. So, without knowing what to do (i'm very new to git), i forced the push. And everything went fine after.

But when i was on the web page of my repository, i clicked on the last commit, to see what it contains. After some time, a page written "500, Something went wrong" appeared. When i clicked on a other commit, it displays the correct results.

So i think that what i've done, with my forced push, is not handled by the web user interface, and leads every time to an error.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Can you clarify that you mean the Overview page and not the commits page? We don't edit the previous history of any events, so your old commits may still appear in the past history even view.

  2. Thomas D. reporter

    Ok, let me try to be more clear. When i click on one of my three last commits in, for example, the recent activity page: i have an error page. When i click on other commits, i have the right page displayed, with "Files Changed" and so on.

    The only particularity of my last three commits is that i publish them with the 'force' option.

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We've made significant changes to the repo overview and newsfeed. Issues like this shouldn't be present any longer. If you see one, raise a new issue.

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