Issue #5547 wontfix

Multi-Line comments (BB-6759)

Adam Stortz
created an issue

Would like to be able to select multiple lines when commenting on code

Comments (9)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Adam,

    When we wrote the feature we debated if we should support multi-line selections. Crucible does but we felt that it confuses the UI and did not have a compelling enough usecase.



  2. Zach Davis staff

    Currently there is no way to reference multiple lines, other than the line numbers (which I understand is crude, but can be effective). As Dylan mentions, this isn't an oversight so much as a conscious decision, one that we knew had both pros and cons.

  3. Ismail S

    While reviewing, I've an objection about 3 lines of code. Hence I would like to point to those all the 3 lines instead of one line for my comment. Hope that gives you a reason to re-consider?

    Yeah, it isn't stopping the rotation of earth if I can't point to all the 3 lines. But yes, as a Github user I've seen we can do that and it was useful and I hope there are others who feel so.

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