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Issue #556 resolved

Changeset viewer intraline changes wrong

Tim Hatch
created an issue

Viewing http://bitbucket.org/effbot/pil-2009-raclette/changeset/0fefd3a7cfb8/ the sub-hunk highlighting isn't working quite right. Lines 73-75 just have s/1/-1/ done do them, so those should be the only intraline changes marked up in that hunk. Instead it shows line 75 being edited to line 73, which is strange.

Screenshot attached.

Comments (3)

  1. Jesper Noehr

    Hm. Strange indeed. I'm thinking there must be some more modification to that, maybe just not visible (like indentation or the like.) The differ below seems to handle the -1 just fine.

    In any case, the diff is not inherently incorrect, and this is a very granular thing to debug, so I'm probably not going to be looking into this anytime soon.

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