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Issue #5565 duplicate

View File button send to a 404 page

Lee Elenbaas
created an issue

When attempting to open a file from the view file button in the commit screen - i get a 404 screen the file is a UTF-16 file - and as such is regarded by git as a binary file - my guess is that is part of the problem

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  1. Lee Elenbaas reporter

    It just happened again: the link: https://bitbucket.org/htmc/roseman/src/25833ac430fa4adfb544f966d96f9ed8d54003f1/DB/FJ2_Fuel/StoredProcedure/Fuel_Sale#Copy.sql

    The flow that produced the link: i pushed some commits to the bit bucket repo. then i opened the related issue in jira (it has dvcs connector attachment to that repo) clicked on the commit and got back to bitbucket commit page: https://bitbucket.org/htmc/roseman/commits/25833ac430fa/

    click on view files for any of the binary files below results in that 404 error

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