FeturedItemSlider 2.0 cycles ONLY once (Orchard 1.6)

Issue #5577 invalid
Ed Kaufmann
created an issue

Please refer also to Orchard item: 402815 PS: have no idea to whom to send this .. when using a brand new Orchard 1.6 (downloaded from WebMatrix); implementing (only) the 'FeaturedItemSlider 2.0' from the Gallery and defining one group with 3 items I observe:

  • ONLY one (1) slider cycle!
  • clicking the appropriate page again(which contains the widget) - starts with first Item and cycles again to the second - and stops cycling!

PS: same behavior when using the virgin Orchard.Source! in Script documents I see: jquery-1.8.2.js and jquery.cycle.all.js

? could it be that there is another '...cycle.js' active ? how would I find it?

ATTENTION ATTENTION As absurd as it might sound: ALL under Orchard 1.6 I made using 'Windows 8 pro'! Therefore, I went back to a Orchard site which I created under 1.5.1 in W7 ult, AND in there, I have a running FeaterdItemSlider. Now, when defining in this 1.5.1 site (now using W8) a new FeaterGroup and its items the cycling stops still after one (1) cycle! However, the original, old, Slider still works fine. PS: unfortunately I do not have a W7 anymore to test!

what am I possibly missing .. ? thanks for your time and advise ed

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