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Issue #5592 invalid

Can't login with Jira invitation

Anonymous created an issue

Hi! I have created Jira account with Bitbucket, I can connect to Jira account? but I can't connect to Bitbucket with Jira invitation. Password/login doesn't match and I cant reset pass, e-mail which I used to create Jira account doesn't exist in Bitbucker.

Comments (2)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    When you follow the invitation link from the Bitbucket system, you'll need to create your own Bitbucket user account to take ownership of the team account that we have created for you when you configured your OnDemand instance. If you didn't receive this email or have any other questions about getting started, please raise a support request at support.atlassian.com under the OnDemand or Bitbucket projects.

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