Recent Activity feed shows misleading commit dates.

Issue #5598 duplicate
Atli Þór Jónsson created an issue

If you make several commits over a long period of time, with no activity in between, it seems that the Recent Activity feed groups them all together under the date of the last commit. This is somewhat misleading.

In the attached image, I made a commit 7 minutes ago, following two other commits made 12 days before that. They are all grouped under the heading of "7 minutes ago"

Apologies if I put this in the wrong component group. Not sure where to put it.

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  1. Atli Þór Jónsson reporter

    The responses to the bug you marked this as a duplicate of remark that "push times" are the actual times shown, rather than commit times. It's worth mentioning, then, that in my case the two older commits were pushed to the master repository just after they were committed, 12 days before the commit who's date is being shown. If it was intended that push times are to be shown rather than commit times, then it would appear that it is not working as intended.

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