Repo "tksoh/hgshelve" requires authorization although there are no changes to push

Issue #5600 invalid
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See title. Maybe the problem is the same as in #4794. As far as I understand it, the Mercurial issue that could be reason for the problem ( is still not fixed, so maybe a manual fix of the hgshelve repo, similar to the one in #4794 is required?

Brodie, I assigned it to you because you solved #4794 and probably know whats going on here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Marcus,

    its ok for me to close this as invalid. Presumably it is related to Mercurial phases, as in the other issue I opened a while ago (#4794). As the Mercurial community doesn't seem to attack the problem (see, I fully understand that I cannot expect Bitbucket to manually fix phases on our repos every time that problem occurs.

    Until phases are fixed in an upcoming version of Mercurial, I will stick to my workaround: Use an older Mercurial (1.8.1 works fine) that knows nothing about phases to push repos with subrepos.

    Best Regards

    Nik Schüler

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