Bulleted list not displayed correctly

Issue #5602 invalid
Narender Nalubolu created an issue

When text is present before the bulleted list, the list is also treated as text and not displayed properly. Like the one here first Second

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  1. Alexey Brodkin

    For me to get bulleted list displayed correctly I had to add another new-line right after preceding text and before the list like this:

    My text goes here. (press "Enter" here - 1st newline)

    (press "Enter" here - 2nd newline)

    • My bulleted list starts here

    BTW leading space makes no sense for me - works with and without it similarly.

  2. Ricardo Russon

    Not sure why this would be marked as invalid. If a blank line is required for the bulleted list or numbered list to work, the button should insert the line at the cursor position before inserting the required character.

  3. Hank Barta

    Someone should fix the bug that requires a blank line before the first item in a bullet list -or- mention that in the tutorial at https://bitbucket.org/tutorials/markdowndemo. As the situation sits, I spent way too much time trying to figure out why bullet lists which worked fine on Gitlab did not work on Bitbucket.

    thanks, hank

  4. Dereck Martin

    Yes please fix the documentation. For those doing a google search on why lists are not working. You need to add a new line before the list items. Although not specified in documentation:

    Example 1:

    List Items (Broken) - item 1 - item 2 - item 3

    Example 2:

    List Items (with Leading Space as recommended by staff) - item 1 - item 2 - item 3

    Example 3:

    List Items (with new line before items)

    • item1
    • item2
    • item3
  5. Zena Wolba

    Why has this been marked as invalid? The only thing that is invalid is your unhelpful, outdated documentation.

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