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Issue #5606 duplicate

Broker Payload is missing info when having multiple commits (BB-5354)

Dingding Ye
created an issue

Hey, I'm using the POST service for post-receive to do BitBucket integration. I was expecting that the commits info in the broker payload containing the branch info. And when there is only one commit, it works as expected. However, when there are multiple commits pushing to BitBucket, the payload I received in the server is wrong. Exactly, only the last commit having the branch information, others will just be { "branches": [], "branch": null" }. Am I missing anything? Thanks very much!

Comments (9)

  1. William Henry

    Zach, problem was left open - but a developer explained to us that this is not broken. It just responds oddly on multiple commits and you cannot trust the branch response, this renders it useless for triggering deployments as you can do with your competitor github. I was personally told that I should use a tool that can figure it out in a different way.

    -- because of performance issues

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