POST service does not send Authorization header. (BB-6988)

Issue #5610 closed
Justin Kirby
created an issue

When using POST service the Authorization header is NOT sent.

url format I am using:


curl using that exact url DOES work and does send the Authorization header

( I can provide detailed ngrep data )

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  1. David Ebbo

    @nicolasvanegas30 ah, that probably explains this issue.

    Though I'm not sure I understand the change. The Azure service uses basic auth, so you must have been sending the right auth header before or it would have failed, no?

  2. Scott Coates

    @Nicolas Venegas

    it relied on having the username:password@ part in the URL.

    Like Justin, I am passing in the username:password@ format in my POST url. However, it appears bitbucket is not sending the credentials correctly. I can take this exact same url and curl it or use github's service hook and it'll authenticate correctly.

  3. Jovani Wayne Ogaya

    Last saturday dec. 14, 2014, our deployment is working fine, but after that it is failing, I can see a log inside azure deployment tab, that says "you may increase SCM_COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEOUT setting to solve the issue". did increased the SCM_COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEOUT but still same result
    Any solution?

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