Messy documentation regarding free Team accounts

Issue #5618 resolved
Jakub Wiśniowski
created an issue

The messy docs are located under the following url:

It is messy in the section called "A free plan for a team account":

  1. "CoolioInc is a team account under the free plan. Patty created the account and she also has an individual account called PattyAlone."

so there is "PattyAlone"

  1. "Patty adds five individual accounts as members of CoolioInc --- Todd, John, Ellen, Frank, and here own PattyIndv account."

Now there is "PattyIndv" - is it meant to be "PattyAlone" or is it a separate account?

  1. "PatthyAlone is the only member of the Administrator group."

And now it is "Patthy" - notice "h" in the name.

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