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Issue #5619 invalid

Error 500 on a commit page

created an issue

Hi, I can't acces a commit page (https://bitbucket.org/omeleet/intel/commits/f82457ee760ee16eb1f9b0968e64f044), I get a 500 error :/ It is the last commit I did on that repo, even the last commit at all. Since I'm getting a 5xx, I'm contacting you. I declare it as a minor bug in the sourcebrowser, but fill free to modify it if you think it is not the case.

Hoping I didn't do anything wrong (at least in that specific matter).

Have a nice day :)

Comments (2)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Please report 500 errors to support as they are likely either a problem with your repository or an issue with rendering specific content on your repository. Either case, we'll need to take a closer look.

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