Support links to other issue trackers in Bitbucket specific issue strings (e.g., #123). (BB-6912)

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Currently custom regex links that try to link (#\d+) to other issue trackers are blocked - e.g., trying to link #123 to Redmine.

This would be understandable when JIRA integration or the BB Issue Tracker are enabled for that repo, but there's zero reason to block these types of regex when those are disabled - it smacks of an anti-competitive restriction. I hope this restriction can be lifted - thanks.

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  1. David Alger

    I would LOVE to be able link up issues to my issue tracker, but we don't use the one provided by Atlassian, and having disabled built-in links overriding my own regex is a block.

  2. Ilkka Hakkari

    I would also want to see this solved. We have ~60 repositories we would like to move to BitBucket. These repos have comments "Closes #342" which we would like to link to our tracker. Now we can't.

  3. Martin Geisler

    Please vote for the question instead of adding "+1" comments. That way you avoid sending a mail to everybody who watches the issue. There are currently only two votes for the issue, but 13 watchers.

  4. Randy Stauner

    According to the comments in

    Thats correct. Links to commit hashes, bb issue keys, mentions, pull requests, repos and emoji are all reserved patterns so there can be a consistent expectation of markup across the site.

    In attempting to link commit message to Pivotal Tracker the UI tries to to turn those "issue numbers" into commit hash links instead of issue links. I have to reverse-engineer the commit hash regexp to figure out what alternate syntax I can use: pt-(\d+) doesn't work because the system commit hash regexp will override (presumably for any issue tracker that uses 8 digits for issue numbers); pt(\d+) works, so the commit hash probably has a \b in front of it.

    So, that isn't terrible, but it would still require my team to change the format they use in commit messages. However, since we use Pivotal's syntax to change issue state ([Fixes #...) that one will always (erroneously) point to a commit in bitbucket, so if i want a link to the pivotal story, i have to put the issue number in the commit message twice: once for pivotal's syntax (\[verb #\d+\]), and once for the custom link hack (pt\d+).

  5. Brian youngblood

    +1 for sorting out how to do PT links to replace default bitbucket links. Not sure I follow if this is solved or not - linking bitbucket UI commit links to PT stories for the standard PT syntax [#..] as @Randy Stauner mentioned above. linking previous commits in bitbucket to pt stories would be super useful.

  6. Christof Leuenberger

    This is very disappointing that I can't use "fixes #xyz" to close an issue in my bugtracker. I saw the link functionality and went straight to work building a script that I can call to post to my bugtracker's API. Now I realize I can't use it as planned. I can see how it makes sense to reserve those keywords by default, but when you supply a custom regex surely it would be fine to pass it on to the link as well. If not that, it would be as simple as adding an option.

  7. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Given the low interest in this feature since 2015, and since the team is currently focused on higher priority items, I am closing this issue to reflect that we won't be able to address this in the near future.

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