Missing IDs for issues and comments in events API (BB-6917)

Issue #5645 closed
Martin Böhringer
created an issue

Hi there,

We use the events call to retrieve events related to the user's repos (https://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/repositories/{accountname}/{repo_slug}/events?limit=integer&start=integer&type=event). Now we saw that some events don't include the object's IDs, which make it impossible to make sense of the event. Here is an example of the report_issue event: node and description are null, no chance to get information on the ticket (title, description...):


    "node": null,
    "description": null,
    "repository": {
        "scm": "git",
        "has_wiki": false,
        "last_updated": "2012-12-09 02:43:46",
        "creator": null,
        "created_on": "2012-12-06 10:50:42",
        "owner": "cat_vasja",
        "logo": "https://dwz7u9t8u8usb.cloudfront.net/m/3007228f178f/img/language-avatars/java_16.png",
        "email_mailinglist": "",
        "is_mq": false,
        "size": 580,
        "read_only": false,
        "fork_of": null,
        "mq_of": null,
        "followers_count": 2,
        "state": "aclrehash",
        "utc_created_on": "2012-12-06 09:50:42+00:00",
        "website": "",
        "description": "",
        "has_issues": true,
        "is_fork": false,
        "slug": "repo-n2",
        "is_private": false,
        "name": "Repo N2",
        "language": "java",
        "utc_last_updated": "2012-12-09 01:43:46+00:00",
        "email_writers": true,
        "no_public_forks": false,
        "resource_uri": "/1.0/repositories/cat_vasja/repo-n2"
    "created_on": "2012-12-09 02:50:54",
    "user": {
        "username": "cat_vasja",
        "first_name": "Vasja",
        "last_name": "Cat",
        "is_team": false,
        "avatar": "https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/e16be80e861baccc5ed4691737faeb05?d=https%3A%2F%2Fdwz7u9t8u8usb.cloudfront.net%2Fm%2F3007228f178f%2Fimg%2Fdefault_avatar%2F32%2Fuser_blue.png&s=32",
        "resource_uri": "/1.0/users/cat_vasja"
    "utc_created_on": "2012-12-09 01:50:54+00:00",
    "event": "report_issue"


Would be great to see this fixed soon. Thanks, Martin

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  1. Michon van Dooren

    Any updates on this? The issue still exists, and it makes the report_issue event largely useless, which means the event api is pretty much useless if you want to use it for issues.

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