Deleted account is still treated as existing (BB-6928)

Issue #5666 closed
Daniel White
created an issue

I created an account yesterday for a work email address, but realised that I already had a bitbucket account (the one I'm reporting from).

I immediately deleted the account, and then tried to add the work address to my previously existing account. This wasn't possible because it claimed that the email address was in use.

I also suspected that maybe the user being part of a team might have been keeping it in the system, but removing it from the team has not resolved the problem either.

The account seems to be in a quasi-existing state where:

  1. I can reset the password.
  2. I can view the profile.
  3. I can't log in.
  4. I can't use the email address.

Basically this email address has now been rendered completely unusable. Could we have some intervention to have this account fully removed?


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  1. Daniel White reporter

    Sorry, forgot to update after getting in touch with support. This has been resolved for me.

    The underlying issue still remains, however. So I'm not sure whether this issue should be marked as resolved. Your call.

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