Bad avatar picture size (BB-679)

Issue #568 resolved
Henry Prêcheur
created an issue

Avatar's picture size is 35x35, but the size in the CSS file is 32x32.



.avatar { border:1px solid #ECE4EA; height:32px; padding:2px; width:32px; } }}}

Some avatars —like mine :)— look goofy with the wrong size.

Solutions I can think of: Fix the CSS Change the picture size to 32x32.

Comments (5)

  1. Eirik Stavem

    Good catch! Guess we need a separate avatar-size then, cause we need the 35x35 for the avatar in the header navigation.

    Jesper, can we add a 32x32 avatar and a .get_32px_avatar_url or something like that? And just let .get_avatar_url still return the path to the 35x35 avatar.

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